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You’ve come to the right place if you are an individual or a small to medium sized company and you need a website built, maintained or optimized for best possible performance.

Who we are

How we started

Our company opened its doors back in 2012, when a couple of us fresh faced web developers decided that we could start our own company, instead of working for somebody else. Ever since we nabbed our first client, we haven’t looked back. We’ve mostly been helping small personal blogs and info portals get their websites up and running. We’ve also worked with small to medium sized companies and from time to time we’ve cooperated with a startup, but only in order to setup their website, we don’t do app development, at least not for now. In the future we might expand our services.

What we do

Capri Web Designer is a small web design company that offers its services to small/medium sized businesses, personal blogs/portals, etc. Our business has an in-house web design team, programmers and search engine optimization experts. Capri Web Designer clients include everything from hobby drone websites to websites made for construction companies. Due to the small size of our team, we mostly focus on small scale gigs, building “calling card” websites, design tweaks, basic SEO optimizations, etc. From time to time, if our schedule allows, we might tackle more serious projects.

Three components of a good website

Quality look and feel, easy navigation

First step, the cornerstone of every website is a good quality design and proper implementation of said design. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about setting up a simple HTML website that offers basic info about a company, or a more advanced CMS with admin panel and user configurable content, key thing is that your design looks good and what’s more important, that the website is easily to navigate.

Don’t overdo it with menus, try to keep everything readily available, don’t force users to look for too long for the most interesting info and content that you have to offer, because if users can’t find what they’re after quickly, they will give up and leave your website frustrated, never to come back. Take for example a recent website of a client of ours, that talks about high quality hobby drones. Design flows nicely, colors are on point, everything is available. that’s what Capri Web Designer is all about.

Quality content, easy to find info

Even though it hurts us to say this, as a company that offers web design services, but content trumps web design any time. There are some very popular, high traffic websites out there which have atrocious looking web design. If the content that your website offers is unique, and very useful, then you’re going to have visitors even if you’re using outdated basic HTML website design. Many popular website like this exist, for example comes to mind as an example (funny website by the way).

Content is what search engines are going to find and what will in term drive traffic to your website. Search engines, most notably Google, loves seeing unique, well written and ideally, informative content on a web page. We at Capri Web Designer have a small team of content writers on call if our clients happen to need content. If you are a business owner or you run a personal blog, you should be writing content for your website yourself, to add a personal touch to it. If you can’t do it however, we’re here to pick up the slack.

Quality search engine optimization

Now we’ve come to the last piece of the puzzle that makes up a good website and that is search engine optimization. In the early day of the internet, search engine optimization wasn’t really that important, but as search engines, most notably Google, started doing updates to its search algorithms, getting to the front of the search results required more and more work.

Nowadays there are two main categories of search engine optimization, on-page and off-page. On-page optimization refers to making changes to the website structure and adding necessary search engine tags that will make a website more visible to search engine bots. Search engine bots scour the world wide web in search of websites with interesting content (as we’ve already mentioned), but also websites which are popular. Several factors influence popularity. There’s the number of times that the website was shared, how many peopled linked to it, and as of late, how many people liked, thumbed up and shared a particular website via social media. All of these are markers that will help boost your position in search engine results, giving your more traffic to your website and in turn more clients. We’re here to offer our advice in how to best optimize your website.

Our service packages

Basic (learn more..)

Our basic package offers the creation of a basic HTML web page, with a total of 5 pages, and the client is required to provide the content. We will use our own design and our own stock photos, or we can use your own. Pick this package if you want a basic calling card web page. Perfect for small business owners looking to make their presence on the internet. Click on the learn more above to find our more about this package.

Medium (learn more..)

With the medium package we include a design creation for a CMS like WordPress of Joomla. We will also provide our own content, written to fit your website, with extensive topic research and making sure that relevant keywords are used. Medium package also gives you more leeway when it comes to corrections. It’s not unlimited corrections, but if you see something that you want changed, we’ll be more inclined to change it, 😉 .

Large (learn more..)

Third and largest package that we are offering is an all-inclusive set of all the services that we have to offer. We’re talking web design, template setup for either Joomla or WordPress and full on search engine optimization of your website to make sure it performs good in search engine rankings. We are here at your disposal 24/7, for as long as your campaign is active. Rates for our large package are customizable.

We hope you choose us

We hope that you choose our little outfit as your next web design team. We are here at your disposal if you have any kind of questions. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. That is our motto, and we sincerely hope that you will give us an opportunity to help you out, so that we can overcome our challenges and grow together. The Capri Web Designer team awaits you message.

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