If you are a small business owner with a website, and you are not getting lots of new clients, maybe you can use the downtime in between gigs in order to do a little bit of SEO of your own. Assuming you do indeed have a website, with a blog, you could use time without any work in order to write articles about topics relating to the business you do. Search engines like Google really like fresh, juicy and informative content and they will reward you for it.

SEO tips for small business owners – write lots of articles

When you are self employed or you have a company that does construction, plumbing, electric repair, it assumed that you know lots of tips and tricks about topics relating to your trade. Well why not use the downtime when there’s no work in order to do write ups on some of those topics. It can be something as a simple method to save people on their electric bill, water bill, whatever insider information that you have, just pour it into an article and post it on your website.

As articles start appearing more and more on your website, Google will see them and send more and more people to your website, which could mean you are getting many new potential customers. So if your business currently experiencing a dry spell, get on your computer and start writing, instead of complaining, and start doing something that can only help you in the long run. Alternatively, you could just contact us and have us help you out. See how we just very smoothly plugged our own services? That’s how you can do it too on your website. Try it and see how it goes. Good luck.