There are three main group of services that the in-house Capri Web Designer team offers. They are as follows:

Web design – we are here to make the website that you are thinking about setting up or that you already have up and running, your own. Instead of just using an existing web template, we can make a unique web design that will make your website stand out from your competitors. We can make a slight modification on your website, or we can do everything from scratch. We do everything from simple HTML web pages, to advanced templates form WordPress and Joomla.

Content – content is perhaps the most important aspect of every website. Capri Web Designer team has 4 on-staff writers, plus we hire freelancers for any larger projects that might come up. Having good content on your website will definitly help should you notice that there’s a dip in traffic from Google. Google, as do all search engines, really loves good content. It was Bill Gates who said that “content is king” and he wasn’t wrong. With good content you can attract a lot more visitors to you web page and we’re here to provide you with just that.

Search engine optimization – good content is an important part of search engine optimization as well, but there is also an aspect of search engine optimization or SEO for short, that requires you to make tweaks to the website itself. You have to make sure meta tags are all properly filled, that your website is properly structured, and there’s the whole business of off-page optimization, which is too extensive to get into here. Suffice it to say, each website could get a lot with a little bit of SEO, and we’re here to help you otu with that as well.

Those are three main service that Capri Web Designer team offers. If you have any kind of questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have.