TradeOGRE 0.00% ↓ 0.00000285 = ₿ 0.0000✴ Height: 3275485 ✴ Transactions: 24200 ✴ Difficulty: 468822 ✴ Hashrate: 23.44 KH/s ✴ Reward: 0.01 ✴Supply: 2555045 ✴Emission: 25.55%

2017-11-30 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Lottery details

Ordinary block reward is flat, but Soldo has a built-in blockchain lottery.

The regular block reward can sometimes be multilpied by the "luck" factor of the lottery.

"Luck" factor depend on hash of previous block in the chain.

All data are stored in blockchain, tamper resistant and can be easily verified and audited.

You can win x2, x100, x1.000, x10.000 lottery tickets and x100.000 Jackpot!!!


Lottery details